The Jet Set Ride

Year Installed: 1967
Last Year Operated: 1970
Section: Modern USA
Manufacturer: Intamin
Other Names and Nicknames:

Introduced for 1967 was the “Jet-Set” ride. The ride was located at the current site of the train facade in Loony Tunes Land. It consisted of individual ride units designed to look like Jet Airplanes. The units each sat two people side by side in a single front seat. Each “Jet” was mounted on a pole behind the driver’s seat. The mounting allowed the Jet to move up and down along the length of the pole, as well as to rotate, so that the nose of the plane could be pointed in any direction in a 360 degree circle.

The ride was controlled by the riders, who could lift, drop, and rotate the plane as they desired in order to pretend that they were in command of an actual jet plane.

The ride was in the south end of the USA Section. Like the Spindletop, it was also located outside of the railroad tracks along the new path between the Front gate and Boomtown. The ride lasted only four seasons. It was removed after the 1970 season to make room for the Big Bend Roller Coaster.

The ride was the first one built by Intamin for Six Flags Over Texas. It is possibly the first Intamin ride installed at any location. It is also possible that it was the only version of this ride every installed anywhere.