Ten New Rides for 2006

     Six Flags over Texas is adding 10 new rides for 2006. This expansion will be the largest in park history. The ten new rides include:

    USA Section:

           1)    ACME Rock-n-Rocket – A ride similar to the Conquistador, only shaped like a firecracker rocket. In addition to the different shape, the Rock-n-Rocket swings you a round to a full 360 degrees. The ride is located next to the Ultimate Adventure Theater, which is currently showing Sponge-Bob Square-Pants.

   Goodtimes Square:

        2)      Cloud Bouncer – This is an up and down ride in which the riders sit in Hot air balloon Baskets. The balloons rise up into the air, go around in a circle and come down. The ride is located by the majestic theater (the Goodtimes Square Theater.)

       3)     Crazy Legs – A centrifugal force ride with 3 arms that go up and down and spin you around. This ride is located near the exit of the Flashback. This ride Is NOT the same Crazy legs that was added to the park in 1971. It is however basically the same ride, with just a little bit of differences. 

     Gotham City:

       4)    Bat wings A ride similar to the Dumbo ride in Disneyworld. The little Bat cars send you up and down and around and around. This ride is located by Mr. Freeze.

       5)    Gotham City Sprayground – This is basically a playground with water. It is located across from Batman the Ride.

        Tower Section:

     6)    Caddo Lake Barge –  Similar to the Conquistador, this ride slides you on a curved track instead of  swinging from a support. While it slides you back and forth, it also spins you around. This ride is located on the lake by the superman tower of power.

    Texas Section:

  7)    Rodeo – This ride is  similar to the teacup rides, only instead of tea cups you ride in bulls. While the bulls spin you in around they also buck you up and down. Hold on to you hat!!! This ride is located by the Cave Ride.

    8)    Sidewinder – A classic scrambler ride, the Sidewinder is similar to the Missile Chaser that was in the park. There was also a Scrambler Ride where the superman was. The ride was put in after the Park took down Air racer. It was a filler until they could figure out what to do with the space. They finally decided on the Superman. The new Sidewinder will be located by the Titan. The Sidewinder was also the name of the first roller coaster in the park.

    9)    Boot Scootin’ –  This ride is a merry-go-round with boots. While you spin the boot gently jolt up and down. This ride is located directly across from the Chaparral Antique Cars. 

   Mexico and Spain:

    10)     La Fiesta De Las Tazas –This ride is a basic teacup ride.The name roughly translates to: The “Party of the Teacups (cups)”. This ride is located by the La Vibora Bobsled, where the Mexican hat used to be. The Mexican hat was moved in order to build this ride.  

   These descriptions are taken from the Press releases, computer generated photos and the video on the Six Flags website. The Cloud Bouncer and Batwings name were already changed from the initial press release. The original name was “Up, Up, and Away” for Cloud Bouncer. Batwings first name was “Blackbird”.

 By: Katie McCown

Last Update: Wednesday, July 04, 2007