USA (Modern) Section

USA – The Modern Section

The USA Section represents Texas under the US flag. It is often called the “Modern” section, because it represents the current and future Texas. The Original Attractions included The Petting Zoo, a small Zoo which housed various animals that the could be feed and petted. Included were small farm animals, such as goats and a donkey, as well as some exotic animals, such as a baby elephant and giant turtle.

Another original attraction was the AstroLift. The Astrolift was a cable car with four passenger gondolas which took riders from the Modern section to the Texas Section. Also included was Happy Motoring, in which guest drove two seat gas automobiles around a track.

The Sidewinder was the parks first roller coaster and the Missilechaser was a scrambler ride. Other Attractions: The Jet Set was an airplane ride. It was replaced by the Big Bend roller coaster, which was added in the seventies. Other Attractions: Loony-Tunes Land; The Cliffhanger; Splash Water Falls; 3d Motion theater, stores and a Food Court.