The Ten Oldest Rides

    The Ten Oldest Rides still operating in the park are as listed. Each is profiled with an article at this site. The list also corresponds with all of the rides built in the 60s which are still operational in the park.

1.   The Six Flags Railroad – Opened 1961;

2.   Chaparral Cars – Opened 1962;

3.   The Flume Ride – opened 1963;

4.   The Silver Star Carousel – opened 1963 (closed 1986 & 1987 for remodeling);

5.   The Cave Ride – open 1964; rethemed 1992;

6.   El Sombrero – opened 1965;

7.   Runaway Mine Train – opened 1966;

8.   Tower – open 1969; closed for renovations 1998
      Mini-Mine Train – open 1969; closed for renovations & reconstruction 1997.

10) the Rugged Buggy, now a Loony Tunes land ride was added in 1972, in the petting zoo.The Rugged Buggy is the park’s oldest “kiddie ride”.

    The next major ride to be added, which is still in the park, is the Texas Chute-out, added in 1976. The Red Baron, also now a Loony Tunes land ride, was also added in 1975.

      The next major ride to still be operating in the park is the Shockwave, which opened in 1978. 


    The Flume is considered older than the Carrousel, as the Carousel was closed for two full seasons.

    The Tower and Mini-mine Train are considered tied for 9th oldest, as both have been closed for a season.

(c) Davis McCown
Last Update: August 17, 2010