El Sombrero – The Hat Ride

Year Installed: 1965
Last Year Operated:
Section: Mexico
Manufacturer: Chance Rides
Other Names and Nicknames:

    The El Sombrero, or the “Hat Ride” as it is known, was first opened in the park in 1965. This makes it the seventh oldest operating ride in the park. Most likely manufactured by Chance Rides, the Hat is a generic carnival ride, often know as the Wagon Wheel, the Tabrant, or the Chaos. The ride is designed to look like a giant Mexican Sombrero. The riders sit is a circle of two adult seats which constitute the rim of the hat.

mxhat1.jpg (42257 bytes)

    The ride begins by spinning around on an off-center axis. As the ride picks up speed, an arm raises the ride in to the air at approximately a 45 degree angle. These leave the riders spinning in all directions, around the circle of the hat, up and down at the angle of the arm, and around the platform.

    The ride was originally installed at the site of the short lived La Cucaracha Roller Coaster, in an area next to the current location of the Silver Star Carousel. It was later moved to its near the The La Vibora (Avalanche Bobslide) Ride, at the current site of the Tea Cups. It’s currently location is at the Border of the Mexico section, near the front gate plaza.

    The ride is currently painted with a yellow base. Earlier, the ride was painted blue.

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