Year Installed: 1967
Last Year Operated: 1989
Section: Texas
Other Names and Nicknames:

The Spindletop was a Rotor style rotating barrel ride. It was installed in 1967. Named for the Spindletop Oil Fields, the ride was originally located at the site that is now the location of the Majestic Theater.

For the 1968 season, it was moved to a location that was then part of Skull Island. In 1969, after the opening of the Tower, the same ride location placed it at site at the end of Tower Slide in the Tower Section. The ride was not moved for the 1969 season, but the tower and slide were placed around it and Skull Island was scaled back.

In 1982, the ride was moved for the second time. It was located at the former site of the Texas Astrolift. It was removed after the 1989 season.

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