The Southern Palace

Year Installed: 1968
Last Year Operated: Currently Operating
Section: Confederacy
Other Names and Nicknames:

    The Southern Palace was built for the 1968 season. Prior to that time, an Amphitheater was at this location.

SeasonShowShow TwoTheater
1961Variety show Amphitheater
1962Six Flags Campus Revues  Amphitheater
1963Six Flags Campus Revues: Gilchrist Clitters Amphitheater
1964Six Flags Campus Revues: The Singing Flags Amphitheater
1965Six Flags Campus Revue: Thank You Mr. President”, subtitled “A New Play with Old Music Amphitheater
1966Six Flags Campus Revue:  Let’s Do It, (Let’s Find a Cause) Amphitheater
1967Six Flags Campus Revue:  Numbers Games Amphitheater
1968Red, White and Blue RevueBC-TVSouthern Palace
1969Fabulous Flickers Southern Palace
197045 minutes from BroadwaySing-in-70Southern Palace
1971Sing Out! America Southern Palace
1972Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance! Southern Palace
1973The Passing Parade (Original Parade of Progress)(Gilbert Girls) Southern Palace
1974Great to Be Here* Southern Palace
1975Jukebox Jubilee Southern Palace
1976Celebrate! Southern Palace
1977“Good Times, Good Music, Good Friends”  Southern Palace
1978Jazz Crazy! Southern Palace
1979  Southern Palace
1980Six Flags Follies Southern Palace
1981Six Flags’ Follies  Southern Palace
1982America – Saluting American Music Southern Palace
1983  Southern Palace
1984Star Struck Southern Palace
1985Celebrate America! <new – 85 fact sheet> Southern Palace
1986  Southern Palace
1987The Incredible Acrobats of China *Stars & Stripes Salute!” (“All American Revue” on some materials)Southern Palace
1988The Incredible Acrobats of China * June 5 to July 2Stars & Stripes SaluteSouthern Palace
1989Flashback, the MusicalTexas Themed Southern Palace
1990  Southern Palace
1991PIZZAZZ!*  Southern Palace
1992We are the World (Do you hear the people sing?) Southern Palace
1993Ice Express (First SP Ice show)(Chevrolet/GEO) Southern PalaceSouthern Palace
1994Warner Music Rock Revue *Pure Country alsoSouthern Palace
1995Hot Rockin’ Country * Southern Palace
1996Hot Rockin’ Country * Southern Palace
1997Hot Rockin’ Country Southern Palace
1998Hot Rockin’ Country Southern Palace
1999Hooray for Hollywood! Southern Palace
2000  Southern Palace
2001American Rock * David Blackburn Southern Palace
2002State of Rhythm  Southern Palace
2003The State of Rhythm * Southern Palace
2004The State of RhythmIt’s Alright *Southern Palace
2005The Amazing Acrobats of ChinaIt’s Alright *Southern Palace
2006The Amazing Acrobats of China *Hello Texas (Spring Show)Southern Palace
2007X-Treme Country Southern Palace
2008Dick Clark’s Academy of Country Music: Back TraxSouthern Palace
2009Country is my Rock Southern Palace
2010Country is my Rock Southern Palace
2011Chart-Toppers 5.0 * Southern Palace
2012Iluminate Southern Palace
2013Chart-Toppers 5.2 Southern Palace
2014Chart-Toppers 5.3 Southern Palace
2015Chart-Toppers 5.4 Southern Palace
2016Chart-Toppers 5.5 Southern Palace