Mr. Freeze the Ride

Year Installed: 1998
Last Year Operated: Currently Operating
Section: Gotham City
Manufacturer: Premier Rides
Other Names and Nicknames: Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast

Mr. Freeze Roller Coaster 

      The Mr. Freeze Roller Coaster was built in 1997, but did not open until 1998, bringing the Roller Coaster count to eight. Named for the Mr. Freeze villain from the Batman universe, the queue house was built to resemble a decaying factory, with a huge ice cream man head for the entrance.

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     The Mr. Freeze Roller Coaster varies from traditional roller coasters in that it does not have a lift to pull the trains to a starting point. Instead, the ride uses rare earth magnets located in the station house and alongside the train body, to “push” the train out of the station.

      The trains then travel through a series of elements, including an inversion, ending in a section of track which leads straight up. Near the middle of this section, another set of rare earth magnets shots the trains again, until the trains nearly reach the top of the track, giving the riders the impression that it the train will shot straight off the track. As the train travels up the track, it slowly losses power, until it comes to a complete momentary stop. The train the starts to fall backward, at which time, the train repeats the track backwards.

The trains were reversed in 2012, so that the trains leave the station backwards and repeat the track going forward. At that time the ride was renamed “Mr. Freeze, Reverse Blast“. 

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The ride was built by Premier Rides of Maryland.