Catwoman Whip

Gotham City
Year installed
Last Season Operated

The Catwomen Whip is one of three villain rides in Gotham City. It was installed in 2016. 

The ride is 65.6 feet in diameter. It is 13 feet tall when not operating and 68.5 feet when fully elevated. It rotates at 14 rpm, with a maximum acceleration of 3 gs.

Zamperla manufacturers the ride.

The ride holds 48 guests in suspended seats mounted on a circular structure. The ride starts by spinning around.  As it does the seats wing out sideways from the structure. The ride structure then starts to rise up perpendicular to the ground, in the style of a Ferris Wheel. As it does, the units continue to spin around it, turning completely upside down as it spins. After a few moments, the ride slows and returns to its starting point.

The ride is similar to the "Enterprise" style ride Spinnaker, which was previously in the park. The Spinnanker, however, used enclosed gondolas for ride units and not suspended seats.


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