Adventure Theater

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      For 1995, Six Flags once again offered a new virtual reality theater. This theater, unlike the Sensational Sense Machine, did not feature a building which rolled or turned. Instead, for the Right Stuff Theater, the seats themselves pivoted and rotated based on the action on the screen, giving the rider the sense that they were participating in whatever action was depicted on the screen.

      The first movie shown in the theater was the “Right Stuff”, for which the theater was originally named. The “Right Stuff” simulated flight in a modern Jet Fighter. It should not be confused with the full length feature film of the same name.

       In 1999, the move was changed to "Escape from Dino Island." The following are the movies played during the life of the theater:

  1995 Right Stuff 
  1996 Right Stuff 
  1997 Right Stuff 
  1998 Right Stuff 
  1999 Escape From Dino Island 3-D
  2000 Escape From Dino Island 3-D
  2001 Escape From Dino Island 3-D
  2002 Space Shuttle America
  2003 Right Stuff
  2004 SpongeBob
  2005 SpongeBob
  2006 SpongeBob
  2007 Fly Me to the Moon
  2008 Fly Me to the Moon
  2009 Fly Me to the Moon
  2010 Robots of  Mars

In addition, special features were played during Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park.

After the Right Stuff ended, the theater was known as the Adventure Theater and the 3D Adventure Theater. 


Que House

Escape from Dino Island:



Que House

The original Right Stuff Theater.