Aquaman: Power Wave

Aquaman: Power Wave is set to open at Six Flags Over Texas for the 2020 season.  The ride replaces “AquamanL Splashdown”. Both rides are themed based on the D.C. Comics superhero “Aquaman”. 

Aquaman: Power Waver Logo
Credits: Six Flags PR Release

The ride is being promoted as a “first of its kind” “next generation” water coaster. 

The ride vehicles is a 20 passenger boat, similar to the previous Aquaman ride. Rather than riding in a circular track, as with the original Aquaman, the boats will be propelled up 148 feet twin track towers located at each end of the water way. After rising up the towers, the boats will plunge straight down. The boats will travel along  700 feet of track and travel at up to  63 miles per hour. As with the original, the ride ends with a large splash propelled around and onto the boats and the nearby spectators.

Concept Art of Six Flags over Texas Aquaman: Power Wave.
Credits: Six Flags Over Texas PR Photograph

The propulsion of the boats is generated with magnets.  

It is the first coaster of its time in North American and is being constructed at this time. 

Six Flags Overt Texas Aquaman Power Wave Boat
Concept art of ride unit to be installed on Six Flags Over Texas Aquaman:Power Wave.
Credits: Six Flags Over Texas PR Photograph