Rides manufactured or delivered by Intamin.

Oil Derrick

Year installed

      The Tower is a 300 foot tall observation tower shaped like an oil derrick. It first opened for the 1969 Season and is the park's ninth oldest operating ride. It is billed as "the world's largest land based oil derrick", but of course it can not function as an actual oil tower.   The Tower is the tallest structure in the park.

Texas Chute-out

Year installed
Last Season Operated

     America’s Bicentennial year was a year of major celebration throughout the Country. It was also the year that Six Flags celebrated its 15th anniversary. New for the Bicentennial year was the “Texas Chute Out”, the world’s first “modern” parachute drop ride.


Year installed
Last Season Operated
New for 1977 was the Spinnaker, an Enterprise Style ride built by Intamin. Located just south of the Tower, the ride was composed of swinging gondolas units in which 1 or 2 guest sat. The ride would start parallel to the ground, where it would start to spin around, similar to carousel. It would spin continuously until the capsules were pointing straight out, parallel to the ground.

Air Racer

Year installed
Last Season Operated

     The Great Air Racer was a high swing ride installed for the 1984 season. The ride units were shaped to look like barn-storming bi-planes. Each plane was designed to hold six, with three seats, each holding two adult riders.

ACME Rock-n-Rocket

Year installed
Last Season Operated

The Acme Rock-n-Rocket was added in the 2006 season as part one the ten new attractions added for the year. It was located in the Modern Section, next to the Adventure Theater, close to where the Modern Astrolift had stood. Shaped like a cartoon firecracker rocket, the ride is similar to the Conquistador.