River Pictures

Spanish Fort firing on the Riverboat. fortfire.jpg (92735 bytes)
Riverboat outrunning the Cannon Shots. frfort2.jpg (62354 bytes)
Waiting for another boat. spfort.jpg (24024 bytes)
Jacque and Pierre, hanging from a tree. frj&p.jpg (84824 bytes)
Jacque and Pierre, hanging from a tree in later years. (Note different costumes.) rwjandp.jpg (32470 bytes)
French settlers in gun battle with the Indians. frrvrxfire.jpg (60185 bytes)
Another View. crossfire.jpg (30349 bytes)
Alligator looking for a “hand-out.” alligator.jpg (22372 bytes)
Indian war canoe. frrvwarc.jpg (42690 bytes)
Indian Village with Medicine man. frrvrivill.jpg (46610 bytes)
Another View. medman.jpg (54268 bytes)
Bear fighting off Timber Wolves. beareatingwolfs.jpg (25497 bytes)
Beaver felling tree. frrvrbvr.jpg (32110 bytes)
Boat coming into dock. riverlft.jpg (66838 bytes)
Boat docking. juliette.jpg (60022 bytes)
Aerial view of river area, with Roaring rapids superimposed. frrvrair.jpg (98433 bytes)