Year Installed: 1961
Last Year Operated: 1977
Section: Modern USA
Other Names and Nicknames:

The Missilechaser was a scrambler type ride. It opened with the park in 1961 and was removed from the park at the end of the 1977 season. The area where it was located was later used for the Sensational Sense Machine attraction. This area is no longer open to the public.

The ride was the first of three scrambler rides installed in the park. The second scrambler, also named the Missilechaser was added in 2000 at the current site for the Superman Ride. It was removed at the end of the 2002 season.

The park’s current scrambler is known as the “Sidewinder” and is located in the Texas Section. It was added as part of the 10 new rides of 2006. 

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Happy Motoring Freeway

Year Installed: 1961
Last Year Operated: 1986
Section: Modern USA
Manufacturer: Arrow Development
Other Names and Nicknames:

The Humble Happy Motoring Freeway (known as the “Modern Cars”) opened with the Park in 1961.  The track ran along the South edge of the Modern Section from near the Zoo to the area that would become Boomtown.

happy1.jpg (57132 bytes)

The ride consisted of small go-cart sized vehicles with sport car bodies. Each of the twenty-two cars were powered with a 7½ horsepower rear gas engine. The gas pedal on the driver’s side actually moved the car forward, while the steering wheel controlled the direction of the cars travel.

The cars traveled around the track at six miles per hour, passing billboards and waiving by-passers. Just to make sure that there was no rush hour grid lock, the roadway contained a metal guide-strip directly in the middle. The guide-strip prevented the cars from leaving the track while still allowing the driver to steer the cars on the track.

mdhappy83.jpg (23753 bytes)

The ride was favored by the younger crowd, because it allowed them to actually “drive” the car, controlling both the speed, and within limits, the direction of the car.

mdhappy76.gif (56757 bytes)

Eventually the body style of the cars changed in order to keep the appearance of the cars up to date with actual car styles and designs.

mdhap283.jpg (17520 bytes)

Due to the popularity of the ride, in 1962 a second Happy Motoring Freeway was added next to the first track. The queue house used by the Sidewinder Rollercoaster was converted into the queue house for the second happy ride.This increased the number of cares on the two tracks to 38. In order to make room for this second track, the Sidewinder roller coaster in turn was moved to the Mexican section.

Six Flags would operate with two Happy Motoring tracks until the end of the 1980 season. At that time, the original track was removed. The track added in 1962 continued to operate as the lone track until 1986, when it also was removed.


Astrolift Ride

Year Installed: 1961
Last Year Operated: 1980
Section: Texas
Manufacturer: Von Roll
Other Names and Nicknames:

The Astrolift was one of the original rides at the park’s opening in 1961. The ride was a suspended cable car ride similar to rides at the Texas State fair, the San Antonio Zoo, and other amusement parks. The 25 cars provided guests a panoramic view of the park as they traveled up to 55 feet high.

Astrolift ride over Confederate section, looking east towards the Modern section. Southern Palace is large white building in Middle. Sky Hook is in left upper corner.

The 2,100 feet ride traveled across the park from the Modern section to the Texas section. The Modern station sat near where the ‘Escape From Dino Island’ theater is now.  The Texas Station was located near what is now the picture center for the Texas Giant. At various times the ride was two-way, allowing guests to return to their starting terminal, and one-way, requiring they exit and the opposite terminal.

While the ride originally traveled across the park, by the time it was removed, expansion placed the Modern station more towards the middle of the park.

Built by the Von Roll Co. of Berne, Switzerland, the ride cost $300,000.

1961 Aerial Photographs

Section: Parkwide

1961 Aerial Pictures

Aerial Photographs from the Opening Year of Six Flags
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Front Gate

View of Park looking West

Modern – USA Section

Modern – USA Section

Indian Village

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