Happy Motoring Freeway

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Happy Motoring

1961 - 1986

The Humble Happy Motoring Freeway (known as the "Modern Cars") opened with the Park in 1961.  The track ran along the South edge of the Modern Section from near the Zoo to the area that would become Boomtown.

Chaparral Antique Cars

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The Chaparral Antique Car ride is the second oldest continuously operating ride in the park, surpassed in age only by the Six Flags Railroad. The ride was first open in the park's second season, 1962. The ride is known as "Chaps" to the employees and "the old timey cars" to the guest. It consists of a fleet of small gas power automobiles which are "driven" around a peaceful track by the guests. While the steering wheels and gas pedals are operational, a runner in the middle of the track keeps the cars from being driven outside the boundaries of the road.

Log Flume Ride

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     "El Aserradero", or the sawmill in English, was the official name for the Flume Ride when it first opened in 1963. The name refers to the building housing the first lift, which is designed to replicate a log saw mill. Employees generally refer to the ride as the "Flume Ride" and guest simply  call it the "Log Ride".

Mini-Mine Train

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    The Mini-Mine Train was built in 1969, making it tied with the Tower for the 9th oldest operating ride in the park.  (Both have been out of operation for a season for remodeling.)

Gold River Adventure

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Gold River Cave Adventure

Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure

       The Speelunkers cave opened for the 1992 season without the original Speelunkers. It was now the "Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure ". The new version of the ride featured Bugs Bunny and the other Looney tunes characters in center stage.