Mini-Mine Train

Year installed
Last Season Operated

    The Mini-Mine Train was built in 1969, making it tied with the Tower for the 9th oldest operating ride in the park.  (Both have been out of operation for a season for remodeling.)

     The ride was built by Arrow Development, the same company that built the Runaway Mine Train.     Located next to the original "Runaway Mine Train", the Mini-Mine train was specifically designed to be a roller coaster for the younger crowd.  The lift hill is twenty (20) feet high.

    The train goes around a basically circular track and back to the que house.  On slow days, to make the ride a little longer, the trains are run twice for each ride.

    The track was rebuilt in 1997 to accommodate the New Mr. Freeze ride.


Mini Mine Train

Shot of the new "Mini-Mine Train."

(c) Davis McCown, 1999