Missile Chaser

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The Missilechaser was a scrambler type ride. It opened with the park in 1961 and was removed from the park at the end of the 1977 season. The area where it was located was later used for the Sensational Sense Machine
attraction. This area is no longer open to the public.

The ride was the first of three scrambler rides installed in the park. The second scrambler, also named the Missilechaser was added in 2000 at the current site for the Superman Ride. It was removed at the end of the 2002 season.


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     The Rotoriculous was built at the back of Good Times Square between the Bumper Cars and the Crazy Legs. The Rodoriculous was designed from a typical “Himalaya” style ride, with a chain of seats strung together to form a circle around the edge of the ride.


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New for 1977 was the Spinnaker, an Enterprise Style ride built by Intamin. Located just south of the Tower, the ride was composed of swinging gondolas units in which 1 or 2 guest sat. The ride would start parallel to the ground, where it would start to spin around, similar to carousel. It would spin continuously until the capsules were pointing straight out, parallel to the ground.


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The Batwing is an airplane carousel ride. Riders ride in fourteen small two seat "batplanes" around a base. Each plane as a flight stick to allow the riders to raise and lower the plane as the ride runs. The planes rotate at six rpm for a ride time of one minute and forty-five second.  Around 700 riders can ride an hour.