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    Holiday in the Park is a holiday season attraction which typically runs from the Day after Thanksgiving to new Year's Eve. The park is converted into a Christmas town, with lights, carolers and attractions. The first "Holiday in the Park" was in 1985 and it has run each year since.


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    Holiday in the park features vary from year to year, but in the past have included:

  • decorating the trees and buildings with holiday lights;
  • changing the shows to holiday seasonal shows;
  • stringing holiday lights on the Chute-Out, converting it into a Giant Christmas Tree;
  • placing a large star on two sides of the top of the tower;
  • opening a "snow hill" for sledding;
  • Christmas Carolers singing at various locations around the park;
  • a Lunny-tunes show at the front gate.
  • In early years, horse carriages took riders through the park. These have been abounded.

gtscho3.jpg (25004 bytes)    The first year, only a few rides were open. In the recent years, however, many of the rides and attractions have been open. Typically closed are the water rides, which are too cold to enjoy; the Tower and Chute-out, which are closed due to the decorations; and some of the roller-coasters on the outer edges of the park.

    In addition to the decoration and attractions, the stores sell holiday items.

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